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BTS (방탄소년단) '피 땀 눈물 (Blood Sweat & Tears)' Official MV

BTS (방탄소년단) '피 땀 눈물 (Blood Sweat \u0026 Tears)' Official MV

Music video credits:

Director: YongSeok Choi (Lumpens)
Assistant Directors: Edie YooJeong Ko (Lumpens)
Director of Photography: HyunWoo Nam(GDW)
Gaffer : GyeungSeok Kim(Sunny)
Art Director: MoonYoung Lee (Myllab)
Special Effects : YunKyun Shin(DnD line)

Choreography by: Keone Madrid \u0026 Quick Style Crew

Choreography \u0026 performance supervision: Sungdeuk Son

BigHit Entertainment. All rights reserved.
Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea

Connect with BTS:

BU content certified by Big Hit Entertainment
Awaiz Ab : BTS
Awaiz Ab : Love
Turtleneck bts : I love JK's shirt
prarthana pramod blink : Iconic song!!!
OT7 Because I can't choose a bais : Suno Indian ARMY. Humeh pata hai ki BTS ka interview 30 taarik ko NDTV mein hone wala hai aur aise bahot log hai jinhe nahi pata BTS kon hai to humeh 30 taarik ko BTS ka ON KINETIC MANIFESTO india me trend karna hai aur yeh jyaada se jyaada Indian ARMY ko pata chalna chahiye. Remember team work makes dream work. Go for it!
OT7 Because I can't choose a bais : Army do u know @inferno Gaming who is a hater so I just wanted to say is he is no more an hater so don't hate him and he was hating on BTS because he's friends were calling him a gay for being fanboy but now he is an army so don't hate him
+Sorry for my bad English
BTSTXT FAM : 800k more for 650m!!!!
Mauricio Zambrano : will be forever a bop
Queeَn BE⟭⟬ : نبي تام نونمول

[BTS - Blood Sweat & Tears] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 161013 EP.496

Kpop boy group BTS has comeback with the new album!
Watch BTS performing their song 'Blood Sweat \u0026 Tears' on the M COUNTDOWN stage.

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21st Century Girls l EP.496:

- KPOP Chart Show M COUNTDOWN | EP.496
- BTS - Blood Sweat \u0026 Tears

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[Kor Ver.]
지민이 생일과 컴백을 동시에 겹경사ㅊㅋㅊㅋ '#방탄소년단' 팬심스틸러 일곱 남자의 화려환 귀환, '피 땀 눈물' 무대!

M COUNTDOWN is the World No.1 KPOP Chart Show, which is broadcast in 13 countries.
Live broadcast every Thursday at 6 p.m. KST.
(매주 목요일 저녁 6시 엠넷 생방송)

▶Subscribe Now! - Mnet K-POP:


Mnet(Music Network) is an official KPOP music television in South Korea owned by CJ Group.

Sadia Ahmed : hey you can make a song like about a girl and a boy like this another day i am back at school i think about him he so cool he looks at me i look away but does he see me anyway oowaow oh now you never no oowahhow my love can only grow and when i see her smile thatswhen i become bts saving the test up to the test always when things go wrong bts the luckyest power of love always so strong btts think about a tune you can even make it about jim and holzi please make it.
purple impostor : This made me stan them 4years agoits been so long
MICHELLE ESCAMILLA SORIA : Me gusta como jungkook se lanza al piso bien chido.
Jada Lindo : So sexyand they just don't want to stop I like that
Abigail Mireles : I like how they sing but i only like Jungkook and V and Jimin and Jin they are so hot and sexy
qdpdlwdk : Hi! I came back my fetus days
Music Covers : im watching thisis school right now FGHNHGFRDGHNGFDSDFVGB
era of the king BTS : Who wants bts BS&T performance once more time

[CHOREOGRAPHY] BTS (방탄소년단) '피 땀 눈물 (Blood Sweat & Tears)' Dance Practice

BTS Official Homepage
BTS Blog
BTS Facebook
• StrawberryMilkss • : This choreography made me fangirling a lot

Mei欲望 : Popular opinion: Any idiot who says BTS can't dance, haven't seen this video
sivakami balaguru : Feeling disturbed what a teamwork
Me:don't say that my little sis I don't even have a friend just to talkif smbdy is also feeling like me please do hit a like for me to recognize you toooobut still purple you bts
BeomCutie Ya : This is Jimin's era
7윤서 : jin dance leader
ssugloss : hehe hi baby
Y.N ARMY : Each BTS choreography vid will be watched by ARMYs at least 8 times (and more because you get addicted to it lol)
SHERYL CUBE : Carr. Kt. ❤️❤️‍❤️‍‍
Kerly Sarmiento : Lupita mí amor
┌|o^▽^o|┘♪ --> se supone que está bailando :vvv:
semangka_JK : It's been 4 years but I still got chills by Jungkook's handstand dance moves!




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